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Hello, and welcome to the Discover the World Education blog. We organise school and group trips to a variety of exciting destinations and have a real passion for geography, science and adventure. Please feel free to post your comments on our blog.

Our tours go to a diverse range of destinations including Iceland, Azores, Morocco, Bay of Naples, Sicily, China, Costa Rica, Antarctica, New York, New Zealand and beyond. For more information about how we bring education to life please visit our website at www.discover-education.co.uk

But this blog is not just about our trips - it is a collection of things that we personally find interesting and about anything to do with the natural world. We hope you are able to share our enthusiasm by posting a comment and if you'd like to subscribe to our Discover the World blog, you will automatically be kept updated each time we write an article, without having to keep returning to this webpage! It's very easy, to find out more and to subscribe please click here.

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The Discover the World Education team
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